JFall: “Elk nadeel hep zun voordeel”

Although I promised myself to blog in English to train myself in using the language and to offer non-Dutch-speaking people to read the posts, I have no better way of expressing my feelings about the second NL-JUG conference this year, the fall edition, JFall. It isn’t even proper Dutch, but it is based on a quote from Johan Cruijf who obviously was a better soccerplayer than he spoke Dutch. Let’s say that ‘every con has its pro’.

Let’s face the facts, we do have a lot of qualified Java developers in Holland. Lots of them were visiting the fall edition of the NL-JUG event and some of them were presenters for the sessions. Despite all the available ingredients for a nice conference day, I wasn’t all that great for me.

Con: Most sessions were to basic or to badly presented (I’ll make an exception for Jeroen Benckhuijsen)
Pro: I’m thinking of being one of the speakers for the next conference to show that I can do better. I have about half a year to think about a nice subject which I do like myself.

Con: The number of attendants is maximized on 1000, which means that ’t Spant is quiet busy when changing sessions or having lunch.
Pro: I see a recurring group of attendants which makes the conference a nice social event to meet with former colleages and potential partners for one of my employers. Also I have to thank the NLJUG-board for inviting 70 HAN students to the conference.

Con: The conference aimed to much at JavaFXScript and Flex.
Pro: Adobe brought nice goodies and some ‘representative’ people (I say one word: nurse) with good communication skills, my kids are happy with the little duckies that can be used in the bathtub.

Conclusion: you can whine and be a pessimist, one can see chances and improve and be an optimist. For now I am optimist, hoping that the next conferences will have less cons and more pros.

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