J-Spring here we come!

Zojuist bericht gehad van de paper-commissie van de NL-JUG dat de inzending van Sander Hoogendoorn en mij is goedgekeurd. Exacte details volgen nog, maar hieronder ons voorstel:

Pragmatic model driven development in Java with smart use cases and domain driven design

Naam / namen van de spreker(s)
Sander Hoogendoorn, Principal Technology Officer Capgemini
Rody Middelkoop, Technical Evangelist Avisi

Korte omschrijving van de sessie (minimaal 100 woorden)
Model driven development has a promise of high productivity. However, many approaches fail to deliver. Sander Hoogendoorn (Capgemini) and Rody Middelkoop (Avisi) will present a very pragmatic approach to model driven development, based on modeling smart use cases and domain models in UML. The speakers elaborate enthusiastically on this approach and the techniques used, and they will model and generate a fully deployable Java applications live on stage!

Niveau (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

Track waarbinnen deze kan worden geplaatst (zie boven)
This highly interactive session can be placed in the New & Cool, Methodology or Tools tracks.

Vereiste voorkennis
Although some knowledge around use cases, domain driven design and Java is preferable (for everyone), it is not required for this session.

Een structurele beschrijving van de opbouw van de presentatie
In this unstable economy, organizations target software development at shorter time-to-market and high productivity. Model driven development has a promise of raising productivity in projects. However, many approach fail to deliver this promise. During this high-paced, interactive talk speakers Sander Hoogendoorn (Principal Technology Officer and agile thought leader at Capgemini) and Rody Middelkoop (Technical evangelist at Avisi, and lecturer at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) share their very pragmatic approach to delivering software using model driven development. First, Sander will elaborate on the modeling and code generation approach, that relies on smart use cases and smart use case stereotype, a solid software architecture and domain driven design. Next, Rody will take the stage and demonstrate how this approach effects building Java web applications, generating a fully deployable Java EAR live on stage! Although other architectures and frameworks can be applied, Rody will use open source Java frameworks such as Ant, FreeMarker, Struts2, Spring and JPA/Hibernate3.

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