Plans for SOA Symposium 2009

After a succesful SOA Symposium in 2008, I’ll visit the 2009 edition next thursday and friday. I am thinking of visiting the following sessions:

  • “Identity In The Cloud” Speaker: Stuart Boardman (CGI)
  • “Cloud Computing and The Missing Trust Relationship” Speaker: Andor Demarteau (Capgemini)
  • “A Case Study: Combining Services, Events and Rules” Speaker: Art Ligthart and Michael Widjaja (Accenture)
  • “Mission impossible? Applying Agile to the World of SOA and ERP” Speaker: Sander Hoogendoorn, Capgemini and Twan van den Broek
  • “The Future’s In Scope, But Where Do We Start?” Speaker: Ian Robinson (ThoughtWorks)
  • “This is Not a REST Talk” Speaker: Jim Webber (ThoughtWorks)
  • How Smart Use Cases Drive Service-Oriented Projects” Speaker: Sander Hoogendoorn (Capgemini)
  • “Real-Life Use Cases of SOA Design Patterns at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration” Speaker: Brian Lokhorst (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration)
  • “Introducing Transactions to REST” Speaker: Michael Musgrove (Red Hat)
  • “Event-Driven SOA in a Dredging Environment” Speaker: Alexander den Hartog (Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.) and Linda Terlouw (ICRIS)

I will publish my findings around these sessions in a next blogpost, or follow me on twitter.

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