Thinking of developing for the Hudson CI

At Avisi, we started working with Hudson some year ago and I must say, Hudson does the job well. Having a “real” monitor on our company fridge keeps all developers and non-developer eager to commit quality code.

For about half a year ago we had a student team from the HAN University doing an internship for 8 weeks, they developed a nice quality plugin (QSE) for Hudson, which – for now – is only used in our company. Lots of people have been developing plugins for Hudson, and we’re using some of them (like the Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Cobertura and Green Ball-plugin). One nice plugin is the Jira Plugin which is able to update Jira with comments that contain a link to the Hudson-build that built the code with the Jira-issue as check-in comment. As with every piece of software it does not work exactly as you thougt it would, this specific plugin adds comments publicly visible (so our customers see them). I think I’ll join the developers and fix some issues, gain profit for our company and commit it to the community.

Wow, I guess this is my first open source project I am really “committed” to.

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