Just an average workday of a lecturer

7:25 Waking up. Breakfast, shower, getting dressed.
8:15 Driving to Arnhem.
8:45 Say hi to the students who are preparing a workshop on Reactive Programming for other students. Will have to assess the workshop this morning, best way to assess is to participate myself. Reading mail on my way to the coffee machine.
9:03 Few minutes late for the workshop. Students starting with some short theory on Reactive Programming and Rx.
9:30 First programming exercise. Playing with RxJs, done within a few minutes, but other attendants struggling a bit with some JavaScript thingies and a unknown API. A small timeout for a cup of tea.
10:30 Built my first Reactive JavaScript chat client using web sockets and the ws-echoserver.
11:30 Refactored code to make it talk to a chat server built with C# and Rx.NET. Checking if other attendants are able to keep up.
12:00 Small quiz about some Rx concepts, glad I could answer most questions correctly.
12:30 Passing feedback to the organising students, together with my colleague Debbie.
12:45 Helping out students working on a JMS assignment.
13:00 Picking up graduation reports, dropping reports in the car. Reading will have to wait until tonight, wait, ehhhh, tomorrow night, maybe next weekend. Answering mail on my way to the lunchroom.
13:00 Small lunch, eating on my way back to the office. Discussing names of some potential colleagues with members of the selection committee. We still have vacancies. Talking to several colleagues about assessment criteria and delivering course descriptions on time. Still on my way to the office.  
13:30 Finishing mail: some stuff about handing in assignments, making some appointments for next two weeks. Agenda is filled up with graduation presentations, project assessments and teammeetings. Planned to go to Goto Amsterdam, but what was I thinking: going to a conference does not match the two busiest weeks of the year. Better luck next year….
14:00 Welcoming guest lecturers about Prolog, getting coffee and water.
14:15 Start of the guest lecture. Cool subject, but I’m almost dozing off. Maybe answering some questions will keep me focussed.
15:30 End of guest lecture, heard this presentation before several times but still got new insights of how this funny language works.
15:30 A quick run to the coffee machine, students are waiting in line for a grade on their JMS implementation of the Dare2Date case. Also a late grade for a Spring-WS implementation, nice work using DI, ServiceLocator pattern, too bad it’s not unittested.
17:00 Finishing class, dropping laptop and other gear at the office.
17:05 Small meeting about the information night for new students.
17:25 Few minutes for some sandwiches and a coke.
17:45 Preparing laptop and slides (thanks Gerrit for mailing the last version) for the first session.
18:05 First guests coming in for a chat and to attend the session about the three different ICT studies we host at the HAN University.
18:15 Start of first session. Mixed audience, small group but some good questions asked and answered.
19:10 Drink. Check whether I’m done for today, it was supposed to be a quiet evening but the second session already has some audience waiting for me.
19:30 Start of second session. Almost no empty chairs. Again a mixed audience. Again lots of questions about graduation assignments, whether to start with media design or software development, which laptop to buy…
20:30 Done. Well, almost done. First grab a drink. My feet hurt. On my way to the car.
21:00 Came across a colleague and friend. Had a very similar day like me, so I guess this was just an average day.
21:30 Home. Taking my shoes off. Say hi to my wife. Maybe I should write a blog about my day…
22:00 Watching TV. Should I really write this blog now?
22:30 Starting with the blog. Does anybody care to read this at all? Well, first write, crossing out later.
00:11 Done. Saving blog. What the heck, publish the damn thing. Sleep. Well. Sleep well.  

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