eduScrum research project

A few weeks ago lights went green for a research proposal on eduScrum. We’re doing Scrum for a about 10 years in software projects and always thought that the framework can also be used for non-software projects. I started to use the framework for making reading more fun for my 10-year old son (more about that later) and I recently discovered eduScrum.

In september we’ll start using eduScrum in half of the classes in OOSE, a set of courses on OO software design and development.

We expect to see:

  • a more natural fit between 21-th century skills and ICT-skills
  • a more dynamic class setting
  • students having more responsibility for their own learning process
  • a lot more fun for students and teachers

Recent research activities:

  • organising and attending an eduScrum training
  • getting in touch with other schools that use eduScrum
  • starting a survey for our current students to set a baseline measurement on how they experience current courses and projects
  • preparing the OOSE pilot with co-workers

We’ll keep you posted with the results of the project using this blog and twitter.

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