Monitoring SonarQube with NewRelic

One of the side-projects I do at the HAN University is administering and monitoring the tools we provide to students. Thanks to the guys of Atlassian that provide us with community licenses for Jira, Confluence andĀ BitBucket Server we can use kick-ass tooling for our ICT bachelor students. All these tools come with a standard Tomcat Server which can be monitored with NewRelic without any hassle.

We also provide students with SonarQube and once in a while the Java process stops running, a disk reaches 90% or some other event triggers SonarQube to stop. Previous attempts to add SonarQube to NewRelic failed but the latest tip from Simon Brandhof did the trick:

Tip from Simon Brandhof

Tip from Simon Brandhof

I adjusted the sonar.web.javaAdditionalOpts option in the file like this, after downloading and unpacking the NewRelic distribution and entering my license key into the YAML file:


I also tried to modify the wrapper.conf to add the javaagent-option there as well but that triggers a OutOfMemoryException, and without it it just works fine.

Thanks Simon!

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