Presentations about eduScrum project at the HAN University

Since we started the research project about eduScrum we did a few presentations and there are more to come. Most of the presentations are in Dutch, but I can translate some parts when necessary.

Before we started the research project in September 2016 we shared our plans with colleagues and students during the “ICA Presents” event in June. This presentation is also available as a comic:

After the summer holiday of 2016 we presented the project with a majority of ICT and CMD lecturers during a kick-off meeting.

 Before we started the project we made a presentation for the students: how do we use Scrum to teach object oriented software engineering (OOSE).

 We shared the preliminary results of the project during the Agile Scrum Event.

We moved from eduScrum to Scrum to Agile Education. We presented our findings during Scrum Event 2018.


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