eduScrum maakt studenten nieuwsgieriger

Bij ICA is als onderdeel van een project van “Faculteit Techniek onderzoekt” een pilot uitgevoerd met eduScrum. Waar Scrum al jaren gebruikt wordt als projectaanpak binnen en buiten de ICT bleek het ook erg geschikt om les mee te geven. Het leidde in de pilot tot nieuwsgierigere studenten die kritischer waren op hun eigen werk. Lees meer overeduScrum maakt studenten nieuwsgieriger[…]

Presentations about eduScrum project at the HAN University

Since we started the research project about eduScrum we did a few presentations and there are more to come. Most of the presentations are in Dutch, but I can translate some parts when necessary. Before we started the research project in September 2016 we shared our plans with colleagues and students during the “ICA Presents” Lees meer overPresentations about eduScrum project at the HAN University[…]

Our first week of Agile education

Last week we started a pilot to use Scrum for education, based on the eduScrum-initiative and the Agile Education Compass. The pilot is part of a research project to find out how Scrum can help us integrate 21th century skills with bachelor ICT and media education. Time has flown fast and this is what we Lees meer overOur first week of Agile education[…]

Scrum als onderwijsaanpak ook populair elders op de HAN

Morgen starten we de kick-off voor studenten OOSE die gebruik gaan maken van Scrum als onderwijsaanpak. De slides zijn intussen klaar en beschikbaar: In Nederland zijn verschillende partijen actief of Scrum in het onderwijs gebruiken, niet om les over te geven maar om les mee te geven als vorm van Agile Education. Bij ICA hebben we Lees meer overScrum als onderwijsaanpak ook populair elders op de HAN[…]

Stop pushing and start burning books

One of the things I love about having kids is that they show a unique mix of the DNA of both the parents. My daugther combines my wife’s discipline with my positivity and self confidence and is doing more than OK in high school.  My son shares my talent for math and numbers and my wife’s ability to Lees meer overStop pushing and start burning books[…]

Smaller. Preparation. Games. Creativity.

Just got back from a workshop Greenfoot and Minecraft programming for 20 kids (around 12 years old) including my daughter. All kids are in the first class of high school (Citadel College in Lent, the Netherlands) and are required to organize a workshop lasting 2 to 3 hours. Since my daughter asked me to participate in Lees meer overSmaller. Preparation. Games. Creativity.[…]

Applying agile principles and tools to the eduScrum research project

In my experience, most research projects tend to follow a linear (waterfall-like) approach. Since the time we started the eduScrum research project we decided to “eat our own dogfood” as much as possible. Our own process is based on fast and continous delivery and minimizing cycle time. We shortly tried Scrum but didn’t like the timeboxes Lees meer overApplying agile principles and tools to the eduScrum research project[…]