Thinking of developing for the Hudson CI

At Avisi, we started working with Hudson some year ago and I must say, Hudson does the job well. Having a “real” monitor on our company fridge keeps all developers and non-developer eager to commit quality code. For about half a year ago we had a student team from the HAN University doing an internship Lees meer overThinking of developing for the Hudson CI[…]

Software AND Service

Last February I represented Avisi at a SAAS conference in Zoetermeer. It went well and afterwards we were informed that the session was rewarded as one of the best presentations at the conference. Highlights of the presentation: What is SaaS (tagcloud) Why SaaS? 10 Questions to ask your SaaS-supplier? Avisi’s vision on SaaS: Software AND Lees meer overSoftware AND Service[…]

Model driven development of Java Web Application

At Avisi, I have been experimenting with the development of Java webapplications based on UML. UML in, deployable Java app out. With thanks to the Advanced Develivery Platform (ADP) of CapGemini, we are allowed to use Tobago MDA, a tool which enabled model driven developement. Tobago takes an XMI 1.1 compliant UML model (smart use Lees meer overModel driven development of Java Web Application[…]