Applying agile principles and tools to the eduScrum research project

In my experience, most research projects tend to follow a linear (waterfall-like) approach. Since the time we started the eduScrum research project we decided to “eat our own dogfood” as much as possible. Our own process is based on fast and continous delivery and minimizing cycle time. We shortly tried Scrum but didn’t like the timeboxes Lees meer overApplying agile principles and tools to the eduScrum research project[…]

eduScrum onderzoeksproject

Enkele weken geleden kregen we groen licht voor een onderzoeksvoorstel over eduScrum. We werken ongeveer 10 jaar met Scrum in softwareontwikkelingsprojecten en hebben altijd het gevoel gehad dat het Scrum framework ook bruikbaar was in een niet-ICT-context. Zo ben ik het framework gaan gebruiken om mijn 10-jarige zoon te helpen met begrijpend lezen (daarover in Lees meer overeduScrum onderzoeksproject[…]

eduScrum research project

A few weeks ago lights went green for a research proposal on eduScrum. We’re doing Scrum for a about 10 years in software projects and always thought that the framework can also be used for non-software projects. I started to use the framework for making reading more fun for my 10-year old son (more about Lees meer overeduScrum research project[…]

Just an average workday of a lecturer

7:25 Waking up. Breakfast, shower, getting dressed.8:15 Driving to Arnhem.8:45 Say hi to the students who are preparing a workshop on Reactive Programming for other students. Will have to assess the workshop this morning, best way to assess is to participate myself. Reading mail on my way to the coffee machine.9:03 Few minutes late for Lees meer overJust an average workday of a lecturer[…]

How to (not) manage a one-person software development project

Introduction As a consultant and as a lecturer I am constantly working on quality both on the softwareproduct and the softwareprocess. On the one hand I try to (let my colleages) deliver software using a small software factory, on the other hand I try to convince students to deliver sofware using the right process. This Lees meer overHow to (not) manage a one-person software development project[…]