Presentations about eduScrum project at the HAN University

Since we started the research project about eduScrum we did a few presentations and there are more to come. Most of the presentations are in Dutch, but I can translate some parts when necessary. Before we started the research project in September 2016 we shared our plans with colleagues and students during the “ICA Presents” Lees meer overPresentations about eduScrum project at the HAN University[…]

Our first week of Agile education

Last week we started a pilot to use Scrum for education, based on the eduScrum-initiative and the Agile Education Compass. The pilot is part of a research project to find out how Scrum can help us integrate 21th century skills with bachelor ICT and media education. Time has flown fast and this is what we Lees meer overOur first week of Agile education[…]

Monitoring SonarQube with NewRelic

One of the side-projects I do at the HAN University is administering and monitoring the tools we provide to students. Thanks to the guys of Atlassian that provide us with community licenses for Jira, Confluence andĀ BitBucket Server we can use kick-ass tooling for our ICT bachelor students. All these tools come with a standard Tomcat Lees meer overMonitoring SonarQube with NewRelic[…]