Monitoring SonarQube with NewRelic

One of the side-projects I do at the HAN University is administering and monitoring the tools we provide to students. Thanks to the guys of Atlassian that provide us with community licenses for Jira, Confluence and BitBucket Server we can use kick-ass tooling for our ICT bachelor students. All these tools come with a standard Tomcat Lees meer overMonitoring SonarQube with NewRelic[…]

Stop pushing and start burning books

One of the things I love about having kids is that they show a unique mix of the DNA of both the parents. My daugther combines my wife’s discipline with my positivity and self confidence and is doing more than OK in high school.  My son shares my talent for math and numbers and my wife’s ability to Lees meer overStop pushing and start burning books[…]

Smaller. Preparation. Games. Creativity.

Just got back from a workshop Greenfoot and Minecraft programming for 20 kids (around 12 years old) including my daughter. All kids are in the first class of high school (Citadel College in Lent, the Netherlands) and are required to organize a workshop lasting 2 to 3 hours. Since my daughter asked me to participate in Lees meer overSmaller. Preparation. Games. Creativity.[…]

Kickstarting your Android project with Maven and Androidx86

Let’s assume you want to develop Android applications and you want high quality code and high productivity. I just found out two tools that really help kickstarting your Android project. Prerequisites   Java 6 installed Android SDK installed AndroidKickstartR AndroidKickstartR is a simple tools that creates an Android project together with a Maven project with Lees meer overKickstarting your Android project with Maven and Androidx86[…]

Push based builds using Jenkins and GIT

Recently we switched to Git as our Version Control System solution and I still like it. Coming from “(good) old” CVS we used Jenkins as CI server polling CVS for changes. Besides other nice features and advantages, Git also brings nice commit hooks (well, CVS also does but I finally got to use this nice Lees meer overPush based builds using Jenkins and GIT[…]

How to add calendar controls to a Joomla administrator component

Being home during summer holiday means doing some “home development”. Being forced to do a re-make of the feestbordindetuin I found a nice component for showing products and categories (DJ Catalog), without having to implement a whole e-commerce-solution. One of the disadvantages is that is doesn’t support the administration of customers and reservations so I Lees meer overHow to add calendar controls to a Joomla administrator component[…]

JFall: “Elk nadeel hep zun voordeel”

Although I promised myself to blog in English to train myself in using the language and to offer non-Dutch-speaking people to read the posts, I have no better way of expressing my feelings about the second NL-JUG conference this year, the fall edition, JFall. It isn’t even proper Dutch, but it is based on a Lees meer overJFall: “Elk nadeel hep zun voordeel”[…]

SOA Symposium 2008

On October 7/8 I am going to visit the SOA Symposium in Amsterdam, together with a group of students who attend the minor Enterprise Application Development (EAD). This minor is part of a bachelor study on Computer Science at the HAN University and focuses on state-of-the-art (or maybe ‘avant la lettre’?) integration and software-architecture issues Lees meer overSOA Symposium 2008[…]

More on quality and auditing

As a consultant ‘devoted’ to delivering high quality work, we (Avisi) are developing a model on auditing software quality. We intend to develop several levels of detail in which we can audit software or a project developing software. It’s fun to see that how more detail is brought into the audit, the more interpretable the Lees meer overMore on quality and auditing[…]